Group chats are the most popular kind of communication among black students

Group chats are the most popular kind of communication among black students

Group chats are the most popular kind of communication among black students

Moneta-Kai Price faced a problem seeking new friends when he was a freshman in the university. The campus was big and it was hard to find people who looked like him. Fortunately, the situation changed when he met members of black fraternities. They made the group chat for black students with the goal to connect among them using only their phones. The group chat named GroupMe members limits increased from 500 students to 2000 users.

Many campuses around the country followed the example of Rutgers University at New Brunswick and made its own group-messaging apps. Usually, it is used for mutual communication and sharing the useful information among participants but sometimes it can be used as a forum for anti-racial activism.

The creator of this app says that his main goal was to combine black students in one group and help them not to feel alone and give them an opportunity to get all necessary information as fast as it is possible. GroupMe is the place where people can meet independently to the distance.

According to the federal data, the number of black students in most universities varies from 6 to 14 per cent and in this situation, many of them feel like a traveller in a foreign country.

A new way to spread the news

Group chats became the place students can discuss different points not only students’ but whole country life. The situation with racial tensions in 2014 showed that GroupMe plays a significant role in students’ lives. The wave of discontent was provoked by the killing of an unarmed black teen by a white policeman. A huge amount of racist messages overwhelmed the social-media sites and then spread to the campus group chats where some people know about the incident for the first time.

Students’ organizations created the Union with the main goal to present the university administration statistics and examples of the lack of attention paid to black students. Oppose to this initiative was organized the structure designed to help black students integrate into the campus community.

There are situations when people join university group chat before entering to this educational institute. That’s why now the main goal of the GroupMe is to get everybody an opportunity to join this virtual community even before the start of their first semester. Many students said that such group chats were the best things that they had during their studying in the university as they help them to socialize.

Platform of disagreement

Firstly, virtual communities were just the place where people could share news and other information. But then erupted a scandal with a new university president who was a black student.

The wave of aggression spread around the campus when white students use bananas and nooses to show their disagreement with the result of the election. Pictures of these things appeared in the social media group and became a reason for serious indignation among black students.

One of the leaders of these groups says that virtual community helps students to directly communicate with administration and have a real impact on students’ lives.

When there are some important events black students prefer to discuss them in the group chats. These groups combine people with similar interests and points of view. Every member feels his importance in society and doesn’t feel lonely. Creating this virtual space became a great step in supporting process and make a community which can be named as a family.