What do you know about a 5 paragraph essay?

What do you know about a 5 paragraph essay?

Being a student you have to deal with different written assignments which your teachers can challenge you to do. Sometimes you can be puzzled as there are so many kinds of essays and it’s difficult to see the difference between them. But you should know that most of them are based on the classical model of a 5 paragraph essay. So, if you know how to make it up, you can cope with any kind of written heomework given to you.

Let’s begin

Every essay, no matter what type is it, should be started with a so-called topic sentence. Here you define the subject of your written assignment and make its main idea clear for the reader. Writing further you should somehow connect each paragraph with your first statement. Thus, you’ll create a logical, well-thought-out and linked text.

Let’s talk about the structure

A five paragraph essay has an elementary structure like a geography homework assignment https://online-homework-helper.com/geography.html which consists of an introduction, three passages with the main contents and conclusion. To cope with your written task successfully, you should know what exactly to include in these parts.

The introduction mostly has general facts and is related to what you’re going to say in the next passages. Here you should get creative to induce people to further reading. Point out what you’re going to write in the next three passages and end up with the statement you’re going to proof or to tell about.

Then the major part goes. Here you should divide your ideas into the corresponding number of passages. If you have three ideas, describe them in the following three paragraphs. In every passage you should support your ideas with well-known facts, vivid examples, famous quotes and other information. Remember that everything you insert in your composition should be connected with the topic introduced in the first paragraph.

At the end of the essay you should make a conclusion to what you’ve already said. For instance, you can point out the key elements one more time or offer a solution to the problem. It’s not a good idea to leave raised questions without answers. If you want to write excellent work, your essay should be comprehensive and full-fledged.

Let’s establish a clear framework for your future essay

Before starting to write with the help of the structure given above, you’d better take a piece of paper and draw a scheme. Insert the major statement into the middle and circle it with the main ideas which can support your subject. You can include any useful facts expanding the scheme and making your ideas clearer to the reader. But remember to put all the information briefly in order to save up your time. You’ll have a chance to explain everything in detail when you start writing.

Let’s check the result

Don’t forget to look through the completed work and check:

  • Whether it has an exciting introduction, a profound statement and conclusion;
  • Whether you think out every detail and give vivid examples;
  • Whether you follow the structure;
  • Whether grammar is correct and there are no spelling mistakes.